Communicate a lot!

Remember that Two Stacks is all about communication. It’s easy for one player to overlook possibilities if they are trying to figure everything out on their own. Talking through options is the best way to win.

Save up Bridges and Special cards

It is important to use bridges and special cards cautiously as they are often key to winning the game. Bridge cards are a great way to keep from getting stuck; since they are always playable it makes sense to pass them to teammates who need a playable card.


It is often a good idea to draw cards even when it is not necessary.

Drawing cards is a way to increase your options and build combinations with the cards you already have. It also gives you more cards to pass to other players, some of which may be very helpful to them.

Try not to play all of your playable cards.

It is tempting to play all the cards that you can but this is often a mistake. Saving playable cards for future turns is a way to make sure you don’t get stuck while also maximizing options for future turns.

Look for a path to victory

A path to victory is when you have identified a way to play all remaining cards without drawing any additional cards. Remember to keep an open mind about how you use bridges and special cards. It is typically easier to ignore colors and just try to think about how to play the numbers; you can then usually make the colors work through passing cards.


Hold onto card combinations

Advanced players learn to see card combinations (combos) as assets. Where newer players will excitedly play a combo to get rid of cards, advanced players will see the value in holding onto a combo in hopes of building on it to include their other cards and hopefully find a path to victory. The conversation then becomes about the value of holding a combo versus playing it to make room for other cards.